Monday, February 20, 2012

Artist Alert

Is this art? I had not until today thought about medical illustrations as something created by a skilled artist. All illustrations, even the ones in math books, were created by someone with an ability to convey something with their interpretation.

So right now I'm sending the message out to all my friends who are artistic. These folks, illustrators, make money! How cool is that! It pays the bills! Nice.

This is the equivalent to what P is doing right now with his math skills. He's supporting the family even though it's not as meaningful to him as he'd like it to be. And I'm grateful for the sacrifice of his soul for our sakes.

So back on the issue of illustrations. Wow! As a visual learner let me say thanks to the real educators in my life. And while it may not feed an artists passion to make illustrations and diagrams, they are salvation to everyone trying to figure out all the junk we waste the hard earned money on. How frustrating would it be if the illustrators were allowed to add their own take on a wiring diagram, or special features to an instruction chart.

Who peed in my Cheerios? Luckily only P eats the Cheerios, and sometimes lP. Ironic eh?

I got my undergraduate degree in a very vocational field. Music Ed. When I graduated I taught music. When my kids grow up, I do not want to teach music. So I'm always on the lookout for what I will want to do. Having gone through all I did with G, I'm drawn to the medical field. Becoming a nurse doesn't seem impossible, and I know a good nurse is a great good. But really I don't want to deal with anyone's blood or vomit. For my kids, that's what I signed up for... but I don't have to sign up to do it for others. Sorry.

Today G had an EEG and an Echo. (Hallelujah that Shands always gets us in ASAP). I chatted with the ladies who were the EEG techs. They just have to do a little training, then a 1 year on the job training and they're good to go. They don't have to look at naked people, or clean up stuff. They don't even have to understand anything. It's like playing Tetris, maybe less challenging. That aspect doesn't bother me, though for people who really do like to think, like P that is a down side. We both agreed it paid the bills though.

I feel blessed in my marriage. We're willing for P to earn the money and me to figure out how to pay for the things we need. Sometimes I listen to Dave Ramsey and there are so many people who are really in conflict. One or neither is willing to be responsible for earning money or living within the money earned.

I think that when my kids grow up, I would like to have by then figured out something that I can do and respect myself when I come home. Perhaps Medical Records. But I do like to interface with people. Maybe I can get a gig being the lady who checks people in. I know from experience that there are some people doing an excellent job and other who could step it up a bit.

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vtricia said...

If you became a Nurse practitioner, you'd be more like a supervisor. I know what you mean, though.

I used to want to be a medical illustrator.