Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling old

I've been looking at the BYU Magazine recently and realizing that the kids (see how old I am?) that are students there are completely unconnected to me. All the kids I ever knew through teaching band, and summer camps are all grown up, done with undergrad, and missions, if they were going to go. Some are married, several had kids before I did.

There was a story in this issue of a girl ( probably in her 20's since she was an RA) who had her baby in Herritage Halls. I thought "Wow cool! I wonder if she is a relation of the Cooks, or Larsons I knew when I was teaching?" I taught some kids of those names that looked just like the couple shown. She could actually be a little sister of a Cook married a little brother of one of the Larsons I taught. The glory of big families.

And since people have kids for 10-20 years, you end up having a strange overlap. The experienced mother of 5 may be younger than the first time mother of 35, yet because their children are so disparate in age, they don't hang out.

Today I hosted a playgroup but nobody came. At the least, and best, my house got cleaned up and I still got to hang out with my favorite ladies M and lP.

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