Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heaven with projectile...

This life is too sweet. It is just the right amount of sweet. Our camera broke 2 months ago and I didn't send it in because I wanted to still use it for the holidays. Then I didn't send it in because life got crazy. Then P looked online and ordered a new screen for $20. It arrived and he fixed it! He said that he accidentally stripped a screw, so fixing it again can't happen. But he did fix it once and that is amazing.

This is not my crazy head dress. That is one of our super fancy and very dangerous dinning room chairs.

This is the moon room-homeschool room- room of awesome. Most of the time it looks like a bomb went off in there but yesterday as M lay in the tub all day, I actually put a lot of things away. The kids usually spend Saturday morning cleaning the room but today they got to just go play!

Thursday night M started to be sick. Poor girl lost about 4 pounds in 4 hours. She is so full of life that when she just curls up in the tub and accepts this difficult situation, it's startling.

G is so in love with lP. When we go to the park he's right there with her, keeping her safe and showing her how to do cool things.

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