Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mr. Kruger's Christmas kind of day

Today we had a humorous and humbling juxtaposition of events that was a lot like Mr. Kruger's Christmas.  We gathered with friends and went to a nursing home to sing songs and pass out crafts.  There were lots of cute children and L ate cereal through the program.  Those fantasy segments Mr. Kruger takes while listening to music are just mental vacations, not actual dementia.  We saw some dementia today and it was sad.  A lady cried for help, she wanted to get off the boat and find her son.

The children were sweet and did their parts, plaid their piano songs, read their scripts, and sang the songs.  After the caroling I took them to the fruit stand, then on to the bakery thrift store for a treat.  We never really ate lunch because I'd been stressing out to prepare things for the caroling.  As the children sat on the curb eating their Krumpetts a man approached us.  He asked if all the children were mine and I happily claimed them.  He extended his hand and said "My name's Jess." as he shook my hand, leaving money in mine. 

"No, really!" I said holding on to his hand.

He smiled and said "Merry Christmas!" then walked away.

I just laughed and started singing "We wish you a merry Christmas!" and the children joined in.  Later I told M what happened.  I said "He probably thought we were poor so he gave us some money."  As I kept laughing about she thought it was funny too.

So now I have to figure out who really does need this money and how to get it to them.

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