Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Family

We had the missionaries over for dinner Tuesday.  They asked us what make the sister missionaries so good.  LP said "I think it's because they are not bad."  Wise.

The missionaries read us a scripture Matthew 16:13-19 and asked the children to draw who Christ is to them.  It was amazing how quietly they sat and drew.  B drew ninjas.

The missionaries said we seem like such a happy family and why was that?  We gave them a lot of talk about how we appreciate each other, and teach our children to not be entitled.  But it's the gospel that makes us happy.  Everything we claim to teach the children, is observed and forgotten on a moment to moment basis.  We are very happy because the gospel is most important to us, not other things that don't make us so happy.

Some of the things we like to think make us happy are:
-You do not deserve anything. 
-Needs and wants are different.
-Don't look in someone else bowl unless you are making sure they have enough.
-Don't buy season passes to disney.
-Value what you have.
-Buy used.
-Spend less than you make.
-Live on 1 parents income.
-Have 2 parents.
-Be super blessed.
-Be kind.
-Don't bathe very often.
-Don't care what people think of you.

These are the choices we imagine make us happy.  They don't work for everyone, and as I said, the gospel is the real reason we are so happy.

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