Friday, May 26, 2017

Tales of Shakespeare

G is getting old enough that he needs to learn skills that are not obvious to me.  It was obvious how to work with him on learning to read, write, and math.  Now we're going into areas that are less familiar.  He is already a good writer but I don't know how to help him improve.  He reads voraciously and P feels that's the most important thing. 

This summer I plan for him to read the Tales of Shakespeare by Mary and Charles Lamb.  I want him to write down the characters, plot/summary, and moral of the story.  I also want him to keep an eye out for cultural references. 

I think I'll let him do one story a week.  Day 1: read the story.  Day 2: fill out the paper with the above information.  Day 3: read the wiki page about the story.  Day 4: look up some media adaptation of the story and watch it.  Day 5: answer some quiz questions about the story.

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