Thursday, May 18, 2017


P installed hooks on the eaves so he could string up a tarp.  The children have had a lot of fun with this huge shaded area.  I think it is equal to or larger than the area of the screened porch.  I set up this inflatable pool and it has been so fun for 2 days.  Then it became sort of a hassle because the kids were in there constantly and we had no more clean towels...  So we drained it tonight and I may set it up again next week.  It was so nice how much all 5 kids loved to be in it.  They have such a gift for joy.  It's amazing how when this is the only pool you have, it's awesome!  The free pool opens in a week though so I plan to be there pretty constantly.  But in the fall we'll have to remember this fun and get it out some more after the free pool is closed.

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