Tuesday, May 16, 2017

rotating toys

B got some nice Duplos for his birthday and so we had Duplos for a few days.  Today I asked him to clean them up before watching a movie.  Then someone gave him a car toy so I just put the bucket of Duplos away and lP brought out the car bin.  Nobody is asking for computer turns or to watch a movie.  They are just happy playing with toys.  I am so grateful to have reached this moment. 

I've had a few sleepless  nights and I've still been able to get up and walk each morning.  I'm so grateful that I haven't given in to eating sugary treats.  I know it makes me achy and have less motivation when I do.  I hope I just accept that this is my reality.

In church one of the Young Women was giving the lesson and said "Some people wish they could just not be a Mormon for 1 day."  I commented that it is not being a Mormon that invokes the consequence of breaking rules.  We are all free to do whatever we want.  If we want to dress, act, or eat whatever we want, the consequences follow.

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