Tuesday, March 28, 2017

happier this way

I've been off FB since the election, mostly.  Today recently lP said something so awesome I wanted to share it.  And I was tempted.  Then I came across an article that was so upsetting, I wanted to share that too...  And that's why I had to stop.  I can't avoid the drama. 

In other news, today I bought brusselsprouts on the stem!  Yay!  I'll post a picture of that when I find the device I took it on...  I know it came home but then where did it go?

Bedtime is hard, but not so bad.  The children mostly follow their routines and don't actually cry much or often.  I'm just going to take a moment and enjoy how much better it is than at some periods in our recent past.

This guy is so sweet and adorable when he's not crying. 

I had to stay home with sick kids on Sunday and sorted out the lego area and firepit/toy area.  I felt really good about using that time to make those areas more inviting to the children.  I also read many talks and cuddled little ones with coughs.  It was a very restful Sabbath.

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