Sunday, March 5, 2017

after all we can do

This is a recent picture of me and the kids that go to a co-op.  Our co-op was on a field trip to a place with large reptiles and it's rather amazing how close you are to them and how very possible it would be for a child to fall in the water.  Yikes.  But we still enjoy going...

I taught Young Women's today about the Atonement.  The word "Sinners" is often used to describe those that need the atonement.  And I think most of us don't consider ourselves sinners.  So I focused on how the atonement is there for you when you need to repent, yes.  And the atonement is there for you to not feel alone or misunderstood because you have Christ, who understands everything we're going through.  And the atonement is there for you to be able to have eternal families and not loose the good you have created in this earth, but can't keep without a savior.

This movie helped me see that we will still lose the good we tried to do if not for a mediator because we are fallen.  We are fallen not because we are wicked.  And we are not wicked just because we are fallen.  Our choices make us wicked.  And we are fallen because Adam fell, so it is our nature as human beings, descended from Adam.  But we have a Savior.  I am so grateful for that.

If I'd never had children, it wouldn't be so bad that I couldn't be with them after this life.  But having had them, and they are good, I don't have the power to make our family eternal.  But Christ does, and has made resurrection possible.  And through temple ordinances administered through the priesthood, the power of God on earth, my family can be together forever.

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