Wednesday, March 22, 2017

young love meets young testimony

I met someone who grew up in the same faith as me.  When she was a teenager she was dating someone and wound up going to church with them more often than to her parent's church.  As we discussed her understanding of Evangelical doctrine versus mine, I thought it was interesting that she had a personal relationship with Christ, but didn't have a church structure that supported that.

She said she grew up in a small congregation where everyone said the same things at Testimony meeting.  She even listed off a few points that I agree are often repeated at Testimony meeting.  They are repeated because they are important truths.  Things like "I know our Prophet is THE Prophet" and "I know families can be together forever" are important.

Our kids are currently being brainwashed to not date until college.  I hope their testimony is firmly in place by then.  Young love is addictive.  By college you are an adult and free to choose whether to go to church or not.  I hope none of the children ever stop going to church because they are in love and trying to please their girlfriend/boyfriend over serving God.

There is a doctrine that teaches that marriage is a relationship between a husband, wife and God.  And I believe that is very true.  If you marry someone who does not share a similar relationship with God, that will always be a tension in your relationship, unless you let go of your relationship with either God or your wife/husband. 

Today I also told the children that they should never take pictures of naked people or themselves naked.  This world is crazy.

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