Tuesday, April 12, 2016


 Today we went aboard El Galeon a replica of the Spanish Galeon ships that traveled back and forth from Spain to the Americas, transporting millions of dollars in precious metals and jewels.
This outing was so wonderful because we planned so well.  We scoped out parking yesterday, and today were able to confidently go to that place, no worries.  We also planned out 1/2 hour for travel and 1/2 hour for lunch, then meeting up at 2 with other families.  So we were never rushed, and just met up with the other families as we walked toward the ship.  Then we were able to leave on time to get G.  And nobody peed their pants.  M was able to go into the school for the restroom.  I gave everyone more cookie.  Then we took kids to choir.  I feel so grateful that we were able to have that experience of being able to plan an outing and have it go smoothly!

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