Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pioneer Women

Today I was pressure washing the deck with L on my hip.  P is painting the deck a bright cheery orange.  It looked like a warm brown when we bought it.  My goal was to get something that would look OK with leaves or pollen on it.  But I should have known that the color Ginger, no matter that it was in amongst the browns, was going to be orange!  But it looks awesome.
Here's G doing a few rows to earn money. 
Here's L posing with our collection of extra lids.  I don't even know why we have 6 rubbermaid roughtote lids...  I mostly use them without the lids...  even so, these are extra!

The orange is so inviting, like a party, all the time!

The luxury of raising ones children is a new innovation.  In past generations women had to work, a lot!  Even the duties that I do as a home maker, were so much harder.  Washing clothes, keeping people fed, making clothes, growing food!  It's sort of amazing that we have the luxury now to enjoy hours with our children, let alone all day. 

As I held L in my sling and moved the sprayer back and forth, I smiled at him and fended off his hands.  Who needs glasses to pressure wash the deck?  Not me apparently.  I was so grateful to be able to do this hard job and be with my sweet baby.

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