Sunday, April 10, 2016

sugar free serenity

The kids made some peep dioramas.  It was a fun way to let them be creative and eat some peeps.

M's choice was a playground.

G's choice was a football game.

lP's choice of a building and police car were a little bit more obscure, but I enjoyed her reaction to my creating the building and car.
I made this one on behalf of B.

I'm still avoiding sugar and it's going well.  3 reasons it's going well:
1- I can tell that I have more emotional energy to deal with the children and be kind.
2- It doesn't bother me to make and give treats to others.
3- I'm just saying goodbye to entire groups of food rather than use sugar alternatives.  

#1 is a huge motivator.  #2 means I'm not trying to control others, just me.  #3 means I'm just saying goodbye, instead of trying to maintain a relationship, that's huge. 

I think, is this treat worth being a crazy mom? No.  Goodbye treat.

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