Wednesday, April 6, 2016

going strong

So it's been a few days and I haven't cheated on the idea of giving up sugar.  In the past I've tried to limit certain treats, so I just ate others.  Or I tried to use artificial sweeteners, so I just ate poison.  And this time it's not really a cosmetic change.  P loves me whatever.  And I'm much more calm if I'm not eating sugar.  I'm a better mom, of my kids, when I'm not eating sugar. 

Mentally I've been going through various things I won't be eating now, or maybe ever again.  Goodbye nutella, ice cream, pop tarts, chocolate, twix, doughnuts...  I'm not looking to find a healthier version of these things.  I'm just saying goodbye.  My personality allows for me to just go cold turkey.  And fortunately, for ease of life, I can still let others eat sweets and it doesn't bother me.  In fact, it's awesome.  I'm like, "Here's a pop tart, don't make a mess." instead of wishing my kids weren't eating all the treats.  Sadly, I have had moments like that "Hey, don't eat all my... whatever."

Time for me to do this small thing that means a lot for my relationship with my kids.  I haven't yelled at them since I quit sugar.  I also haven't felt ashamed for loosing my temper over trivial things.  Yay!

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