Saturday, July 5, 2014

Holiday fun

We went out to G-ville to visit family visiting from Louisiana.  It was fun to hang out and we hoped there might be a chance to float the river.  The tropical storm was looming and P needed to go back to town for a band performance on the 4th. 

Then we remembered that cousin M plays the trumpet!  So I stayed in G-ville another night with the kids while P and cousin M went back home for a rehearsal and performance. 

Friday dawned clear and beautiful so we made plans to float the river.  P and cousin M arrived about 11:30 and we got packed and drove out.  In past years C always wanted us to be there by 10 lest we miss the cut off for people allowed on the river per day.  With us rolling into the park at 1:00, I was anxious that we'd be disappointed.  But lo!  We were just fine! 

I'd packed a lunch, and aunt E brought fruit pizza!  Grandma L had sent Twinkies so we were well fortified when we hit the river.

P and I each had a boat to keep B and lP safe.  G and M went on tubes.  In the beginning they tied up to aunt E.  Later they were independent and G even came and saved me from some hazards.  I was so proud and grateful for him.

lP took turns with M in the tube or boat.  One time she slipped and went head first into the tube and got stuck because of her float vest.  G pulled the tube off her and she came up fine, if upset.  But as per family policy, she got back on the tube.

I'm grateful for the example from the P family.  If something doesn't go well, like you get hurt, or crash a car, you must go and try again.  I don't remember that being an issue in my family, but I'm glad to be aware of it in raising my children.

We left straight from the river and went back to SA where our deaf friends were having a swim party and watching fireworks.  I love the families we get to know here. 

I totaled P's hour in the car for Friday and he was driving for at least 8 hours!

I don't have any pictures from that day.  I forgot it for the river which was good because I just needed to keep my hand on B and paddle.  And I just got to enjoy the moment rather than capture it. 

Another thing that I don't have a picture of, yet, is the frog on my window.  It's about 4 com long and has semi-translucent pink skin.  But tonight it's more opaque in some areas.  I wonder if it got burned.  Aren't you glad I don't have a picture?  It's like a nightly nature show watching it hang out on the window, waiting for bugs attracted to the light.  Smart frog.

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