Monday, June 30, 2014

I hate this

Why not just make a cutesie paper that says "The priesthood blesses my life and candy is yummy"?

Disclaimer: The person who made these is super sweet.

It's cute.  Sure.  But does it actually help people appreciate the actual priesthood more?  And have you ever tried to explain one of these semi-homonym candy grams to a deaf person?  I also hate it
when people make a song chart and use a big "EYE" to help the children remember "I".

I'm just so hate filled!  And I was confused a lot in my childhood.  I thought that the line "by this
shall men know" was really "by this shalminnow..." 

So instead of being so hateful, how about I just say I think these things do more harm than good.  I mean candy is bad for us, but it's yummy.  And these cutesie had outs distract.  Oh well. 

1 comment:

Heather Bigley said...

I never thought about the homonym thing. Good point.
How about, also, it's a lot of work to make that stuff--nothing better to do? Like put your feet up and read a book?