Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Because I am

I'm loving my new haircut.  I've never had it this short before.  For a long time I wanted to cut it but worried that I would look like a man.  But I've realized that no matter what my hair is like, I will look like a woman; because I am a woman.

I will throw like a woman; because I am a woman.

I will run like a woman; because I am.

I'm trying to teach my children to love and accept themselves.  They are awesome.  And they are themselves.

When I think of my children working with youth leaders in the church that want to impose standards of feminine or masculine behavior, I want to go inactive.  A girl who does not wear pink is not gender-confused.  A boy who doesn't participate in bullying is not gay.  They are themselves.  They are children of God.

Before I go inactive though, I'll make pithy comments like "She's not gender confused, she's college bound." 

To give some background on this rant, I know 2 women who have struggled to find happiness and acceptance.  I know both had people whispering about them being lesbians at church.  There are many ways to be a woman.  Why must girls be boy-crazy to prove to the adults that they aren't committing the imagined sin of same sex attraction.  I say imagined sin because we've gone astray in modern Christian America.  Nobody is allowed to have deep friendships.  Children are only allowed heterosexual affection.  Great...  At what age are boys not allowed to hold hands anymore?

I think more and more that homosexual sex outside of marriage is as bad as heterosexual sex outside of marriage.  Which is to say that gossiping is worse.

The church is true.  And I hope I'm able to serve in the organizations to make sure my children are allowed to enjoy the gospel despite the people.

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