Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We're going on an epic trip.  This is like the ultimate challenge of my current adult/mom moment.  I decided we should each have about 5 changes of clothes.  More for those that have frequent costume changes, aka accidents.  I wanted to be able to have the extra clothes in a laundry basket.  Then I realized that they will be wearing 1 set.  Another set will be in their night pack.  Church clothes will all be packed in a separate suitcase.  So really I only need to have 2 sets of clothes in the laundry basket.  Easy!

I'm also planning to have a bag packed with towels and swim stuff, separate from the other clothes. 

One problem is that we're using all those clothes every day.  So I can't just pack now. 

We were trying to get an inverter for the car because the CD player doesn't work.  So we wanted to be able to plug in a speaker to use an ipod.  Also we have air mattresses so we needed to plug in the pump.  In the end P got a new stereo that has a functional CD player and a tape deck.  So we can use a tape adapter to plug in the Ipod.  I even have one left over from the 90's that I never used.  Good thing I'm like a hoarder!  We've become spoiled having controls for the sound system on the steering wheel.  So now we still have that functionality.

 Instead of buying a fancy inverter, we got a pump that plugs into the car outlet.  I ordered some air mattresses for $15 from amazon.  They turned out to be terrible. So I returned them and got some coleman slim twin air mattresses for $19.  I really like these slim twin pads.  Their not so big as a twin.  Really they are tiny, but enough.  Also they have the amazing valve that lets you inflate and deflate them in seconds.

I've also been spending a lot of money on snack foods.  The silly thing of that is that we plan to buy food along the way.  So I'm not bringing all these snacks with us.  But when we get back, and I'm exhausted.  We'll have snacks.  Actually I'm not spending tons of money on snacks.  But I'm buying BOGO snacks that I would usually never buy.  Like I bought 10 bags of goldfish for $0.80 a bag.  When you have 4 kids that actually eat goldfish, it's not so unreasonable.  G even ate some macaroon cookies the other day. 

Capri Suns were BOGO so I got a box of the veggi/fruit juice.  It turns out G will drink this.  So for the first time in his life he is getting 1-2 servings of "Fruit/vegetable" a day!  I need to go out tonight and get some more.  Rather, I need to go tonight and buy all the ones they have in stock so I can get a rain check to buy more at that sale price next month!

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