Monday, June 23, 2014


When I was a kid Grandma H had a bit of wall where everyone got measured.  We visited every year and it was one of my favorite details from our visits.    P and I wanted to make something like that for our family, but living in a condo, we needed something portable.  

Amid the chaos of G's first year we got this board.  My sister in law painted it white for me.  I painted on the inch markings and decorations while in the hospital.  On G's 1st birthday we were in the hospital.  With trepidation we let his feet touch the hospital ground for the first time to measure his height.

This year M measured taller at 7 than G measured at 9. 

This is such a sweet time.  I love these children.  I'm so glad to be their mom and I love all the good times we have.

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