Monday, August 12, 2013

Thunder at the beach

This is my beautiful friend K who recently moved south.  We had a chance to meet up at the beach and eat a lot of watermelon.  Who knew watermelon could be such a great beach treat.  You just have to eat a ton of it when you're totally thirsty. 

Last night we had a cooking challenge and had 8 entries!  It was awesome. 

The company P works for fell victim to a legislation change that resulted in a 30% decrease in enrollment.  800 people were laid off.  Thankfully P still has his job and everything is going well.

M is doing really well at the piano and we're hoping to have choir practice at our house.  We got this sweet digital piano.  It is weighted, but I think it's not quite full weighted.  It doesn't feel quite full weight.  M is just starting her first song "Cuckoo" that has the hands doing different things.  It's so awesome being able to teach her life skills through piano.  "Sometimes it's hard, but we keep trying."

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