Saturday, August 17, 2013


I'm not willing to give companies my facebook page permissions for a $5 coupon.  I haven't signed up for a Target or Amazon card, not even to save $50.  But I'm excited about this drawing.  I bought choroi flutes from this company and I love, love, love them.  I've blogged before about how they make solfege so intuitive.  So cool.  M is starting form drawing this year with the bees wax crayons and they are delicious.  The drag against the paper is such a pleasant tactile experience.  It's tricky though to embrace the expensive materials.  I'm such a miser.  But it's wonderful to be able to get such nice soothing things.


Okishdu said...

There are many ways to save money on art materials, bu using low quality is counter productive and can lead to the difference between a child who enjoys the activity and one who tends to shy away. I virtually never settle for 'academic' quality paints but purchase fewer tubes of 'artist' quality. I'm happy that you are helping Margot experience the lovey bees wax crayons.

Lucky Day said...

It is so nice that P supports us only buying good quality things.