Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taking a stand

Last year I did alterations for 2 young women getting married.  One of the ladies' mom just wrote to me asking if I do alterations and what I charge.   Rather than say "oh, no problem" or "I can't to anything because it's all I can do to read FB and keep the kids alive..." I wrote this reply:

T, Y is a better sewer than me. I can do some things, but mostly my work is a little messy. Doing the sleeves for T's dress was easy, but zippers are actually really sewn in there good. I never put zippers in anything I make because they are so fussy! I don't want to leave you high and dry though. So if there's something you need done, I'd charge $10. Like hem a skirt or take something in, or make a jumper into a skirt... Clothes are so inexpensive now a days, that it's sadly worth fixing it unless it's something you really love. I usually just dress my kids in thrift store stuff and hand me downs (and I'm only a little self conscious about that). Funny that even as I say clothes are inexpensive, I still almost never buy anything new. Sorry to write a novel : )
So there you have it ladies (I don't think any men read my blog...).   I have officially said that my time and talents are valuable.  Now,  to get some pants on lP.


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Okishdu said...

Funny films! Stop motion? Must be or your 'critters' have really good stomach muscles.