Wednesday, August 28, 2013

cuter than...

 lP is just hilarious when she's not insane.  She comes into the office and tells me it's time for her birthday.  It's time to go to the store and buy her birthday cake.  I need to paint her back pack orange so it will become a rescue pack and she can go get her blue star balloon.  She is so focused.
 M's hair is finally growing out long enough to hold a braid for 5 minutes.  The bathing is helping it not be too crazy.  Whenever her bangs are out of her hair, that forehead is so beautiful, I'm worried she'll get kidnapped!  Long live the awkwardly cut bangs!
 Oh little B.  He's growing up so fast!  I don't remember feeling such a grasp of how fast a year will fly with the older children.  He's so delicious and soft.  His giggles are so precious.  He reminds me so much of G.  Sadly I don't remember M and lP as infants very much.  Everything was so stressful during those seasons.  But here we are with 4 children, a peaceful home, dad has a job, and life is busy, but not so stressful.
Our useless room is getting more use.  Ever since M started piano in February we go into the room daily for piano practice.  Then last week I set up these organ benches as desks.  So now it is the schooling and music room.  So lovely.  I love that the organ benches open up so they can keep their things inside.  Little house and all...

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