Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things we learned today

1) We learned that the 20 or less check out aisle in the middle of Walmart is also the tobacco aisle, so it can take a long time...

2) We also saw that some parents are willing to freak out at their kids, for asking for things, throwing and breaking merchandise that was presumably meant to bribe the children.  Then after children cry and older brother apologizes to crying sibling, those parents give in and get their children the asked for items. 

M was traumatized by the lady who yelled at her kids.  I was glad it wasn't me.  One day when M was acting out and kicking the items I'd asked her to clean up, I said "Do you need me to yell at you?"  And she said "Yes, I like it when you yell at me."  Clearly she has not been properly yelled at.  Or so I like to think.  She was out of it.  She seriously gets in this zone and it's like she is pushing boundaries out the wazoo. 

I never go to Walmart except when we've ordered something online and have to go pick it up.  Then because we're going we buy whatever else is needed.  Ah the joy. 

P ordered a cool fishing tackle box that I'll have to go pick up in a few weeks.  He has a very clever plan to use it for storing G's expanding lego collection.  A friend recently gave us an amazing Technic set with motors and cool parts.  Anyway it's going to be great.  But it means we have to go to Walmart again. 

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