Thursday, May 9, 2013

positive family dynamic

P and I were trying to come up with movies the kids could watch that had positive relationship dynamics.  We came up with "Lilo and Stitch" and "The Emporer's New Groove".  None of the Princess movies.  No romantic comedies.  No wonder people have such messed up relationships.

What's even sadder is looking at the movies listed as good for families.  Wow...

I think that some sports movies portray positive family dynamics.  Like... the one about the first integrated, collegiate men's basketball team.  The coach had a family and didn't beat them.  But the players get hated on...  "Glory Road" that's the one.  My sister L gave it to us.

Independence Day maybe has some family dynamics that resolve nicely.  But it's not a kids movie.


Okishdu said...

Man, you guys use to be so shocked at how Lilo and Nani would yell at each other. I like the movie, but wouldn't really think of it as a good family relationship movie. I like Bolt and Wreck it Ralph.

Okishdu said...

Oops, that was tricia.

Okishdu said...

I was the last one to sign in to gmail on this computer so it keeps making Tricia's comments under my name.

Lucky Day said...

Lilo and Nani have a real family dynamic. It's the relationship with the boy who likes Nani that I am more impressed with. He likes her and tries to help her without making things about him. Sure the parents are dead, but not divorced, or mysteriously just not there.

A lot of "family movies" listed are Matilda, or Liar Liar, types that show how terrible parents are and the miracle of the movie is how the kids end up with sane caregivers, somehow.

Also, what's up with kids only seeing kissing or falling in love through movies where it never leads to or is part of a healthy relationship?