Saturday, May 11, 2013

Customer Service

I needed to contact Amazon yesterday and had the best phone customer service experience ever.  I was logged into my account because I was looking at the account to see that the $41.99 on our bank account doesn't match anything we've bought.  So then when I go to find the number to call but can't find one.  There is a yellow button that says "Call me".  I clicked it and was given the option to have them call me now or in 5 minutes.  I clicked the "Cal me Now" option and my phone range instantly.  After 10 seconds on hold I was talking to a real person who already had all my account info loaded up.  So I didn't have to wade through any automated menu.

I imagine it's an extension of the typing chats you can do on many websites for customer service.  But this was way better.  Way to go Amazon for having a good idea and doing it.

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