Saturday, May 4, 2013


 Usually you can't even see the stream.  Usually it's 3 feet lower than the current splendor.  Woah!
We got more rain in 24 hours than last year during 3 days of Tropical Storm.  It's been intense.
This poor little deer apparently got separated from its family.  Yesterday P got footage of it in the back yard.  Who knew deer squat like dogs...?  Then today it was soaked and caught between the water and this fence at the border of the slope on the south side of our house.  So sad.  Then later M thought she saw an alligator so we went out to see.  Unfortunately we scared the baby deer and it took off into the water.
We have a lot of these lovely dishes that cry "Kids live here!"  I like how colorful they are.

I spent a lot of today at home.  It's rather amazing how long the day is when you don't go anywhere.  Nesting for my 4th child takes the form of cleaning out the car and toilets.  Next will be the grout.  Things I haven't dealt with for a while, and don't want to have to after baby comes.

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