Thursday, December 27, 2012

new shoes

G's been wearing some New Balance shoes from the thrift store for about 2 years.  I've bought him other shoes from the thrift store in this time.  The school even sent home a pair of payless basketball shoes in October.  But his favorites are the New Balance shoes that have busted seams. 

One pair that seemed promising, I bought for $5 from the thrift store.  Then the rubber soles came off, on field day.  Poor G.  So dad sneakily had 1 repaired for $5 and we tried again in November.  G came home with no soles on his feet.   $10 is a small investment on the spectrum of traumatizing experiences.  Luckily G is not one to cry over something like this, as I would have... 

He's at that age where you can't get decent shoes at the thrift store anymore.  So we went over to the outlet stores to see what deals they had.  Lucky us, they were having a massive 50% off sale.  Too bad we couldn't find anything that fit him.  Then he lost his gloves in one store so we had to go back after the 2nd store that had nothing that fit.  Lucky again, a friend of ours works there, 2 friends even.  So he helped us find shoes that fit, and she gave us her 30% employee discount on top of the 50% sale.  So my first time in his now 8 years of life, buying him shoes from a store, we got some sweet shoes for $13. 

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