Sunday, December 16, 2012

understanding the people who say "no"

Today at choir I was a major dolt because I hadn't prepared music I'd said I would on Recorder.  Between making sure the kids are fed, clothed, homeschool group, school, speech therapy, sewing 7 costumes for G's school play, starting a scout troop, being primary president, covering for the singing time teacher, covering for the interpreter in primary, and looking fabulous, plus other major life needs, I forgot I needed to do 3 songs instead of 1.

I think I could have handled the rest if not for the school costumes.  That was too much.  For years I've been frustrated at the people who don't volunteer, and even say "no" when asked.  Maybe it turns out they want their Sabath to be a day of rest.  What a wild idea.

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vtricia said...

I thought about going to choir last week but this past Sunday morning I didn't. Maybe if I can remember to brush baby's teeth.