Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I don't think my mom ever wore a blanket to pick me up from school.

On Thanksgiving morning we cooked up some bacon.  The kids acted like it was the first time in their lives that they had had bacon.  JK.  They acted like it was the first time in their lives that I had cooked it for them, which it was.  Camping a few weeks ago a friend had let the children each have a few slices and they've been begging for it ever since. 
Grandma is so kind and kept offering to help.  It was the bacon that made me realize that in general I don't want help, but if someone asks as I'm about to start a task I don't like doing, like cooking bacon, or washing dishes,  I'll say yes!
She also bought us a lovely bouquet of which this is only a portion.  It brightened our life for a week and then a friend was visiting and I sent it home with her.  She was thrilled and it lasted another week for her.  Pass it along flowers! 

Last year a friend came to visit on their way home in Tampa, from a visit in Jacksonville.  They had flowers from a dance recital in Tampa that had survived their visit in Jacksonville.  They didn't feel like taking them the last leg, so they left them with us.  They gave us a week of joy and then it was great to throw them away knowing they had brightened so many lives.  They had been appreciated enough, their growth hadn't been cut off completely in vain.

Today when I went to pick up G the girls were asleep so I asked the secretary to bring G out.  They are so kind and this is the usual arrangement.  I just have to remember to bring my phone, and make sure it has charge...  It was drizzling a little, so I got out of the car and stood there with the umbrella.  Then it got cold!  So I got our car blanket out and put it around my shoulders. 

So there I am in a blanket to pick my son up from school.  I joked to the secretary that I had become my mom.  But I'm pretty sure my classy mom never wore a blanket when she was picking us up from school.  What I mean though is that I have grown up.  And the things that children find embarrassing, I find convenient.  Luckily G is his father's son and embarrassment is hard to come by.

The blanket in question is the pinnacle of many things I enjoy in life.  The fabric was given to me by someone, whom it was given to, who had scavenged it from the dumpster= Extreme Thrift.  I use it weekly at our homeschool group.  I can tie it in a knot and use it to carry lP in a pinch.  Also, it is one layer of sheet material and one layer of flannel.  That is my second favorite weight of blanket, the first being duvet.

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