Wednesday, January 9, 2013


These sweet sisters have been coming to teach G some lessons preparing for his baptism.  They motivated him to learn the articles of faith and he's just got 4 more to go.
We got to spend several days with our P family cousins.  M and A were thick as thieves.  O and lP were super cute.  lP got along better with O than any other person in her life, ever!

 We went on an epic road trip to Atlanta with my mom.  While we were there and it was too cold to 
go outside, and to cruel to stay inside the hotel room all day, we escaped to a magical place called Monkey Joe's.

The only down side was the arcade games.  But at least my kids got to learn the hard lesson that when mom has paid $9 for you to spend 6 hours in the bounce houses, we are not spending more money to play games of chance to win tickets to buy garbage.
  After Atlanta we headed North East to DC.  We had a nice visit with a lot of my family and M got to meet Silver the rabbit.  Silver is a Rex rabbit, know for their fur and meat.  My sister got him for free on the condition that she wouldn't eat him. 
 Tonight G went to cub scouts for the first time.  P is the scout master and I hope they will have almost as much fun, as G is handsome in his uniform.

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