Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is a death star.  For reals.  We had the season finale play etc for the homeschool group last night.  Then I came home and baked the cake and painted this pinata I've been working on.  The party was the usual tons of pizza with themed pinata and cake.  The theme was star wars. 

We woke up at 7:10 to get to the 8am choir rehearsal on time!  Then at 10:10 I left to hustle over to the playground and set up.  Everyone came and it was great! 

I even micromanaged the pinata to keep small kids from getting trampled.  Each kid had to have a partner, more or less.   One of the pair was to hit the death star, the other was to hold 2 cups for getting candy (quantity control).  I also packed the death star with about 8 lbs of candy and 2 boxes of Star Crunch cookies.  G was the only one to get trampled in the initial dives for small dribbles.  By the end, when everyone was so tired of standing around, I let G, who had barely stopped crying, tear it open.  His up got filled on the initial down pour, then I waved the pinata around to spread the wealth. 

So now we're home after a marathon of the last 24 hours!  Busy time.  I better go practice my recorder.

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