Monday, May 16, 2011

who's that cutie

This is P and G 6 years ago at the Orange and Blue game. It's amazing how much we lived in the 4 months before we started to survive.

I'm wearing this PKY shirt that say 2004-2005 on it and I use to worry that people would think that's when I graduated from HS. Now I'm like "as if" because even that is 6 years ago. And I really graduated 13 years ago so it's like I'm always partying like it's 1999.

My little brother just got married. This the brother who scandalized us eternally on the changing of the year Y2K. Now he's got a family and all grown up buying a Prius and living well. Way to go little bro!

Today I got us all up and out heading for the gym. When I got there in my flip flops ready to yoga the lady asked me if I was going to the Pilates class. Oops. So we came home and I thought I'd get spiffed up to go see the Crazy Horse Trail house. Then I decided I'd rather wear my favorite jeans and this shirt that begs people to suspect that I'm 25.

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