Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 minute walk

Today we parked at the house we just submitted an offer on. Then we got out and walked to Geoff's school. It was just 10 minutes of very pedestrian friendly, kids on bike friendly side walk from door to door.

This house has a tiny yard. But having been interested in 2 houses with huge lots that were largely unusable... I see the yard at this place as being enough. Enough for the kids to have a place to dig holes, swing from the giant Magnolia in back, shower off from riding bikes to the beach, camp out, etc... And it's not all the extra maintenance.

Did I tell you it's no gas? I haven't had a gas stove in 13 years. I'm actually not a purist, but I really dig the cooking on gas, and tankless water heater.

Did I tell you it's 105 years old? But it was beautifully remodeled 2 years ago with new plumbing, electrical, kitchen, baths.

You know the saying "When Mama ain't happy"? Well if we get this house I hope the reverse would follow.


Brandon or Michelle said...

HOORAY!! that's all I have to say for now. I saw the pictures. I'm totally jealous. bravo!!

Okishdu said...

What a cute house! It reminds me just a tiny bit of Bueno, which I purchased just because it was close to the U. I think being in walking distance of beaches and Geoff's school has to make it really attractive. I was a little worried about how remote the other place you showed us seemed, and you are right about the size of a yard. Unless you are heavily into making a large garden, small is often better, just enough for getting outside when the weather's nice. If it is near Geoff's school that means it's also near the library. YaY!

Lucky Day said...

It reminds me a lot of the bueno Ave house too. A lot. Like the placement of staircase, and layout of rooms. But it has been extended so the layout is a little different inside. It has a formal living and dining room with a wide open division. Then a Kitchen and Family room in back.

Upstairs there is 3 rooms 2 baths, it's really amazing.

I just have to convince Dad that it's a steal at a certain price and convince the bank to let us steal it at that price.