Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just another Saturday

Today low tide was at 6pm so we weren't headed to the beach until 4. So that made for the most laid back Saturday we've had in ages. I made french toast when I woke up at 9. 9! OK that's not so abnormal for me, but P was still in bed and that is. The kids had gotten themselves up, dressed, and found a kids show. Their independence was a nice surprise.

Then I sewed a dress for barbie, and a purse for me, and some shorts for M, and some wipes for bP.

M and I had some tuna sandwiches around noon when P got around to his daily bowl of cereal. G just ate PB candy all day.

P took the kids of for a little shopping trip. When they came back P was asleep and I had finished some video editing(I love our computer!). M came through the door "We're going to hide your surprises because tomorrow is Mother's Day!" Sweet!

We moseyed down to the beach at about 4:30 and remembered anew how beautiful the ocean is coming over the causeway. We'd timed it perfectly and the tidal pools were great. P took the kids out in the waves and I even let bp stand on the sand bar. There were some strange blue jelly fish that I now know were not in fact jelly fish. They are little colonies of other polyps. That would explain why they fell apart when one man tried to cast it out of the water. Our plan was to just watch them go by. The ones we saw (3 in all) were even more symmetrical and beautiful.

This ocean life thing is such a gift. I've come to embrace the sand and relish the surprising beauty of each trip.

We came home and ate some left over pizza, pasta, and apples. Oh I love left-overs!

It was a great day.

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