Friday, May 27, 2011

Fountain of Youth

Today M and I had decided to stay in town even though we didn't have any shopping to do or other meet ups to occupy the time. We packed our picnic resolved. After leaving G at school I said, "OK, let's go."

"Go where?" asked M.

"I don't know. We decided to stay in town but didn't decide where. Where would you like to go M?"

As she had requested for several days this week "The Fountain of Youth."

M loves to get the peanuts from the vending machine. Only once have I let her get candy from these machines. But more often I am willing to get the pellets for the fishes, or the peanuts for the peacocks. We had to scrounge up our nickles and dimes. Then we had to ask the admissions lady if she would exchange us a quarter. Then the peacocks didn't even want the peanuts.

We wandered over to a picnic table in the shade and ate our cantaloupe looking out on the inter-coastal waterway. Then scampered off to the restroom. I got to delight M further by turning up with a napkin for her to dry her hands on so she didn't have to use the blower. Later back at the table eating the rest of the cantaloupe I saw that we had not made it to the bathroom in time, so we had to go.

Luckily I had some spare clothes in the car. M changed her pants. One of her socks went missing so we had to agree (after much searching) that she could wear her slippers which were also luckily in the car. And if we had wanted to ride scooters, we would also have been able to have a lucky moment, helmets too.

Then we went to the library playground and hung out for the remaining 45 minutes. As M did her monkey act at the playground I noticed a strange bump on M's leg and shortly thereafter discovered the missing sock.

Yesterday G told P that he would get to work at home because today is Friday. P said "Sorry, sometimes I do, but this Friday I have to go to the office."

As we were driving home P called to tell me the G was right and that he was getting to come home early. After he had finished his work he took M on a walk in the woods and came back with the idea of pouring water on the asphalt so the kids could watch it evaporate. So we did that and it was sweet.

Then it started to rain.

I made a bonanza of pizza. I should have taken a picture because it really was amazing how much pizza I made. Next week I'll take a picture. This week I just packed up 2 huge bags of the left overs so I won't have to cook most of the weekend.

Then M said "Mom, can I go outside and jump in puddles?" It's amazing how much this little girl has grown up this year. She put on her boots, and we got a jacket out of storage for the occasion. It was sweet.

Just now she asked for a pickle. When she came back to the kitchen she said "Mom, how's that pickle coming along?"

Basically she's crazy cute and we're having fun.

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Meg Stout said...

I love that - "How's that pickle coming along?"

Reading your blog makes me happy :)