Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No pictrues please

I woke up with a start from a dream of frustration and loss.

This morning I would a friend for a yoga class at the complex but I went to the wrong place because it's been a long time. Actually I'd never tried working out there before but from going to the big swimming pool I thought it was the same place for classes.

The kids wanted to know where we were going if it wasn't to take G to school or speech therapy. I told them that I was going to exercise and they were going to child care.

"What's that?"

"It's like daycare, or nursery. You get to play with toys while I go to a class."

That got M on the ball getting dressed and singing "We're going to daycare. We're going to daycare!"

G almost didn't make it because he couldn't find 2 black socks and white socks were not happening.

So we were way late. The kids took to the play room nicely though and I headed into the class. I borrowed a mat because I apparently de-cluttered mine last year.

It was an awesome class. I can't believe I've lived here and never used these facilities! Having gone to meet my friend I was able to overcome my general feeling of not belonging. And everyone was so friendly.

Then I heard the muffled cry of a baby. Again. I was pretty sure it was mine. Then I was sure it was bP. So I tried to discretely leave the class, and I felt so bad to come late and leave early.

I'm excited to go again though, and use the equipment. That way I can leave when the kids need me to.

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