Friday, May 13, 2011

Because, who wouldn't want to live on "Crazy Horse Trail"?

We made an offer. It was a low offer. Someone else made a less low offer.

So the dream house is fading away. There is an odd possibility that the other party won't be able to get the financing to buy the dream house. But...

So the next chapter, is "Crazy Horse Trail." It's bigger and badder in every sense of the word.

Dream house:
4 beds, 3.5 baths on 1 acre with pond.

Crazy Horse Trail House (as it must be called in full in perpetuity)
5 beds, 3 baths, on 1.18 acres with a pool in a gated community.

We hadn't looked at this one before despite the jaw dropping figures because we didn't want to pay HOA fees until we die. It turns out that this communities fees are just $75. They have a 24 hour guard but don't waste money on a lot of other amenities because everyone has an acre so if they want basketball courts, pools, and playgrounds, they should just put one in right?

It also turns out that the Crazy Horse Trail House is in bad shape. It needs a new roof, new AC and the pool should be refinished. But this level of bad shape is nothing compared to house we saw yesterday (grandma let grandson renovate the house and grandson gutted the place and left it to rot as his life fell apart) which just needed to be scraped for 8K to make use of the lot.

Oh my.

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