Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mother's Day

M has this little 6 inch butter knife we found at the thrift store. She loves to use it for cutting cheese, hotdogs, bread etc... Today she was playing in the utensil drawer. I looked and saw that the knife was in the spoon slot. M said. "I put my little knife in the spoon drawer so that nobody would (pause) recognize it."


Love that little girls use of "U-cabulary" as she says it.

Yesterday we went to the temple. After watching General Conference I felt the pull to make the sacrifice and go. The 2 hour drive became a 3 hour drive. Then I was in the temple for 3 hours because not enough people to do the 2:30 or 3:00 session.

I am so grateful for the temple. It is hard for us to go right now, but it is possible. I'm grateful that we can go. I am so grateful for the blessing it is for our family to be sealed for time and all eternity.

I'm so grateful for a husband who went with me and watched the kids at the park so I could nurse the baby and go to the temple. The plan was for us both to get a turn, but it didn't work out that way. He's the best.

I told P thanks for making every day Mother's day.

On our way home we made the mistake of stopping by Daytona Beach. Nasty in so many ways - from the excrement on the floor of the bathroom, to the expletives being broadcast at high volume by a friendly DJ on the boardwalk.

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