Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drake doesn't live in an appartment

When we moved to this grand gated community I took to calling our place an apartment lest anyone who heard the location of our home suspect that we lived in the 500K+ part of the community.

"Where do you live?" they ask.

"Oh at ********, in the apartments just behind Food Lion" I say.

So I suspect this is how the word apartment came into my 3 year old's vocabulary. Also we talk about how we will "someday live in a house without neighbors downstairs and it will have a yard where you can play in the mud." It's a promise.

We've been finding some friends here in paradise who kindly let us visit and enjoy their house-ness. Tuesday when we came home from one such visit M said: "Drake doesn't live in an apartment."

"Hmmm? What does he live in?" I asked.

"A house." came the response. "I hope we will someday live in a house. The first place we ever lived was an apartment and the second place we live now is an apartment." All in a tone of statement. Not complaining, just observing.

"Maybe the next place we live will be a house M. Would you like that?"

"Oh that would be wonderful. We would have so much fun!" she said.

Today we submitted and offer on this house.

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