Saturday, April 16, 2011

ah Gainesville

Today we went to town and visited lake Wauburg, and no I'll never learn to spell it correctly. P still works for the University so we don't feel bad continuing to use that "in."

P went to the Friends of the Library Book Sale and I got to hang out with the fantastic M, Z and A. It's really cool seeing the kids develop and how their interactions change.

We hung out with the extended family and I got to help P's little sister with a fancy hair-do for the Mormon Prom. Cool!

I started braiding my own hair when I was 12 as a way to keep it from getting tangled at night. So now I can actually braid my own hair better than I can another person's hair. But I don't do a shabby job either.

We have a lot of family coming into town over the next 2 weeks. My oldest sister and family will be here Wednesday through Saturday. My youngest brother will be here Saturday, Sunday.
Then many and assorted family will be here in 2 weeks for my brother's wedding. Wild!

It was a great day in Gainesville. I love that town.

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