Tuesday, April 19, 2011

th Best friends

A friend is someone you can pose for pictures with and give them the rabbit ears while they're not looking.
A friend is someone who doesn't mind that you've stuck a Smencil through their windows or that you're making them pose for another picture.
This is a picture of our visit to Daytona last week.

I feel really blessed to know some awesome folks. Ladies day at the beach was hilarious and just what my soul needed as we head into 2 weeks of wedding prep. Thanks friends. You're the best.

P loves the swing. We're so lucky that Grandma has that awesome tree and has let us put up swings for the kids in it. Super cool.
Birds will be birds. What you see in the back ground of us is a rare view of a peacock strutting its tail feather. M said of the event "That bird can make music with it's feathers!" It was actually kind of creepy to see it trying so hard to impress the white peacock. We posed for this picture and a nice lady offered to take it of all of us. But then we were stuck there very close to the romantic scene long past when I'd have preferred to have left them alone. Awkward. Poor birds.

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