Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cold Feet

So I'm in love with like 2 houses, how to choose! And it is really reminding me of how scary and wonderful it was to fall in love with P. I mean a house in not for eternity, but it's a big deal.

One house is close enough to G's school that we could walk if we're feeling ambitious. P could definitely bike to work if he gets a job at the school near that house... If, if iF. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, enough for the family we hope to have, but it doesn't

The other is really like some dream house come true. It's the kind of house people move into once they are established rather than just scratching by as we are. Yet they are in the same price range.


Heather Bigley said...

which website can we find these houses at so we can vote?

Lucky Day said...

I'm scared to let the world know in case someone goes and buys them up!

Okishdu said...

A house that you don't have to remodel has a huge advantage, but so does a house that minimizes commute. On the other hand, your expectation that Philip would get a job at the school nearby is not a current reality. I guess this means I would vote for the 'dream house'.

Lucky Day said...

neither needs to be remodeled. There is one on the island, blocks from the beach for 100K that requires HUD housing qualification. That one needs to be fixed up. But it's not big enough for the family we hope to have, and the beach appeal isn't why we moved here. Nice, but not worth the extra money to us.