Wednesday, January 19, 2011

work it babies!

We've had some pretty great days lately. And consequently I have some pretty cute pictures to share of these little ones being cute.

G poses with his new jersey that I got him for $15 at Bealls. I'd seen one 2 years ago and didn't buy it. I went home and asked P if he thought it would be unreasonable to pay $15 to get a jersey for G. P said it would be awesome! I went back the next day and the jersey was gone. Finally I found one again in his size and we snatched it up.
Today we went to see G and his class do a presentation on these jobs. I don't know if it was what they want to be when they grow up, or if it is a presentation about these jobs. Anyway it was cute as anything. The kids had all memorized their parts and did great. Even better (for me) was that M and bP were happy and quiet throughout so we go to stay and watch(further gelling us as the perfect family in the eyes of Rhonda, at the school)

We have many pictures of G and M over the years in this chair at Grandma's. Now we have one with pP too. G lost took off his shirt earlier because he'd gotten chocolate sauce on it.

These are M's glam-o-ram-a sunglasses that we got from target's dollar area. Nice! They are very sturdy and I think I'll be sad when they someday break because they were such a great deal.

P let M use his headphones so she could watch She was very happy.

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