Saturday, January 8, 2011

the Money

Last night M asked P if we could go to Checkers and get french fries and a strawberry milk shake. P said they'd need to ask mom. So M asked me and I said "Well, do we have the money for that?" And M chanted in religious tones "If we don't have the money we can't buy it." So we walked over to the money envelope and found that yes we did have money to go to Checkers.

So with that in the mix we had an extravagantly awesome Saturday.

P played basketball and didn't get broken ("Don't get broken" being my parting utterance these 10 years of marriage and basketball). We hung out and then got ready for our outing.

First it was to Checkers for burgers, fries and a Large (32 oz.) strawberry milkshake.

Then off to a new playground that is a monkey bar heaven.

Then to the hardware store to get light bulbs and a dowel for M's thrift store shelf (soon to be kitchen).

Then up to the Lightner Museum to see what lots of money looked like during the depression.

The kids enjoyed this beautiful koi pond afterward and we found the official pellets so we could feed them too.
bP and P both wishing for me in their arms rather than each other...

G and M making faces at the fish.

Then it was off to one of our favorite beaches. It gets a little ridiculous living here. I mean really, we are so spoiled. I feel so blessed to be able to go to the beach any and almost every time we feel like it.

G, king of the rocks, surveys his kingdom with satisfaction.

It was such a wonderful day I kept thinking someone would probably have to get injured or kidnapped to make the scales even out. Luckily we just got away with a wonderful day. Wonderful.

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