Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ward Choir

Today we did an arrangement of "I know that my redeemer lives" for Ward Conference. We don't actually have a ward choir. It was just a bunch of folks I'd invited to come and who came. And it was a bunch of folks! Like 30 people. And that wasn't even everyone who'd said they would have participated if they'd not been out of town etc... Thank goodness for our Sister J who is such a great accompianist. I am so grateful for all these folks.

After Ward Conference we had a pot luck with the Ward providing fried chicken. M ate her fried chicken down to the bone. The kids each ate a lot of cookies and brownies too. All told, it was a rather great Sunday so far.

M's asleep now, even better!

I'm chilling now writing this post on one half of the screen while G watches Rescue Hero's on the other side of the screen. We use to do this a long time ago. This is a sweet life.

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