Friday, January 7, 2011

Discipline part 3

Acknowledge your role in the situation: I can be frustrated that the trash is overflowing, but I should accept that I'm the one putting trash in... When your kids are bothering you while you're on the phone, or on the computer you are part of that equation. Would their asking you to play hide and seek bother you so much if you were making yourself available to them?

Wednesday I was bad. We came home while G was at school for a REC day (so 5 hours instead of 2.5). We didn't go to a single playground. Lame. Should I be surprised that M was rotting her brain on TV and acting up? Yet Thursday we went to 3 playgrounds to make up for it and she was still wild. Ach. Moderation!

Be nice to your kids. Pay attention to them. Praise them. Hold their hand and tell them you love them.

Bedtimes are tough around here. Everyone is tired and most of the time at least one person is crying. Those rare times when bP is settled down and we've finished scriptures and prayer, I love to give M the thing she loves best. Stories! I'll snuggle in bed with her and hold her hand and tell her as many stories as I can think up. I love how appreciative she is.

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