Saturday, April 15, 2017

True lies

A little girl I know was boasting about her friend who "could have been in the olympics but she didn't want to."  I told my girls that the Olympics is something that nobody does who doesn't want it more than anything else in their life.  And I told them that many people who want it that bad still don't make it.

I'm also thinking lately about what is important for us to learn and do to live Christ centered lives.  The scriptures tell us to have a contrite spirit and broken heart.  They tell us to keep the commandments and always remember Jesus Christ. 

Can we keep the commandments if we're putting harmful things into or on our bodies? Can we claim to always remember Jesus Christ if we are unkind and judgemental of others?

Going to the temple is a great goal.  Will we find ourselves saying "I could have gone to the temple but I didn't want to..."  This is a lie because if you didn't want to go to the temple, you wouldn't make the sacrifices or be able to affirm the truths that are required.  But it is also true that you could have gone if you had wanted to.  If we want to accomplish something we have to pay the price and be what we want to be.

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