Sunday, April 16, 2017

dressing appropriately

We were getting ready for a baptism and the children were glued to the TV.  M went and put a dress over her t-shirt and shorts.  When she came out G and lP were still in play clothes.  So M went and took off the dress, at the same time G and lP were putting on their nicer clothes.  Then it was time to go and Dad said get in the car.  So M got in the car wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt.  When we got to the baptism G had decided that if M wasn't going to be dressed up, he wasn't going to the baptism, so he didn't.  Afterward he asked if there were any brownies left.  I told him "None for you."

It can be hard to know how to behave when the people around us are doing something different than our standards.  But we have the standards in "For the Strength of Youth" and we have parents to tell us what to do.  We cannot just do what the other young people are doing.  Then we are like crabs in a bucket always pulling one another down and unable to get out.

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